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 To finish off the summer, my family took a wonderful road-trip to Utah, Arizona and Nevada. The first day we drove to Bryce Canyon.  I enjoy road-trips as you never know what you will discover as you drive. We found a funky antique store and freshly baked goods at a German bakery which brings all their dough directly from Germany. Being German you can image how excited I was to see the sign for” Backerei Ferscher”. We had to wait half an hour as this is a very popular place in the middle of no-where. We arrived at Bryce Canyon in the late afternoon and immediately set out to watch the sunset. What a spectacular landscape and colors.


The children were in awe of the colors and formations.  After a good steak and mashed potatoe dinner we all fell into bed. No wifi here, just board-games, a radio, and books to read!

We rose early in the morning to watch the sunrise, peaking down the very steep edges. If you are afraid of heights, this is definitely a challenging place.

Being on the road again, at times I felt we were out of the movie “National Lampoon's Vacation”. We had a teenager wanting to listen to her music and our younger ones whining about how long to go, but somehow that all vanishes once you arrive at an interesting place. We enjoyed a spectacular lunch at the Amangiri and then set out to the Grand Canyon. We arrived at our settlers cabin in the late afternoon and were surprised how cold it was. At lunch the temperature was about a 100 degrees and by evening we found ourselves in 45 degree weather. I had not expected that so we all ended up a little chilly and wore our only set of long sleeve pants and tops for three days. The cabin was tiny but it was fun to be all together cramped up and being silly.

The hikes were spectacular and I took our younger children, Nicholas and Sophie, on a Mule ride into the Canyon. We enjoyed learning about the mules and riding about 200 feet into the canyon to arrive at another spectacular spot with very steep edges. The food at the lodge was plenty. Surprisingly all the places we went to were very accommodating for our Celiac children, always offering gluten free options.

Off we went on the road again, seeing a heard of bison in a vast meadow which was really exciting. After making a couple of more stops in the amazing national park we set out to drive to Las Vegas.

I had never been to Las Vegas and we were a little overwhelmed with the bustling, noisy and scented city which never sleeps, especially coming from the remote places we had just been. We did enjoy a nice shower and bath and getting in clean clothing again.


The next morning at Sunrise we went to the Seven Magic Mountains by Ugo Rondinone.   What a spectacular installation made possible by the Art Production fund. On the way back we visited The Neon Museum.The bone yard for all old neon signs from Las Vegas is a great place to learn about the history of this sparkling town. By now our children were really tired and enjoyed the day at the pool and their room and reconnecting with their friends online.

John and I set out to the James Turell exhibition at the LMV store which was truly one of the most spectacular installation I have ever seen. I cannot describe the feelings and peace it will provoke in you, you have to see it for yourself!

In the afternoon we got a backstage tour of the Cirque Du Soleil show, “O“ . So much fun to see the technology and costumes behind this 15 year old show which has attracted 15 million guests. After a meal of Sushi we enjoyed this spectacular water show. The clowns made us laugh and the show took us away again from the busyness of this town. 

Having to get up at the crack of dawn again, the kids were looking forward to being home in their own beds again. It always makes me happy when they are looking forward to being home. They enjoyed the experiences but the best place is still home.

We have many fun memories of this trip and will enjoy talking and looking back at them as a family.


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