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Going away to warm weather when it is freezing cold at home is always very exciting for the kids. They have gotten used to hats, gloves, socks, scarves etc and they love being able to run around in just a swim suit. Finding all of your warm weather gear and figuring out what to pack is really the tricky part.

When you have small children that grow quickly, a lot of times they have grown out of their summer clothing by December; meaning you have to stock up on great warm weather basics mid winter. The good news is that children really don't need much for a beach getaway.

My kids' favorite place is in the water so bathing suits are a must. Cover ups, T-shirts and knitted shorts are perfect for the day. We do like to get a little dressed up for dinner, so we pack linen shorts and shirt for boy and tunic dresses for the girls. We always travel light. Each child has a carry on and has to pack and unpack it themselves. The first time around that can causes a lot of confusion and missing items but it ensures that they learn to pack on their own.

Traveling should be fun and the simpler you keep it with kids the better. We usually bring Ipads and plenty of snacks with us. Two of my children have Celiac and it is much easier to have good food for them on hand instead of running around the airport trying to find something yummy.

We also bring some games to play as a family. We never find enough time at home to play together. In-between homework and the computer, this activity gets lost and we always rediscover it on trips. So much fun to beat your parents at a game!

And of course there is SUNLOTION. I have not met one child who loves sun-lotion. They make any excuse to get out of putting it on. Especially after they have not used it for a while. There is nothing worse than having your getaway ruined by a sunburn. Also make sure to take basic medication. A lot of resorts carry a good supply but it is good to have a basics with you.

Other items we pack:

  • small flashlight to discover things at night
  • baggies to collect shells and stones
  • many hats for all of us
  • sunglasses
  • swim shirts - a must
  • small goggles for all kids
  • flips flops - I can never get my kids into shoes
  • paint materials
  • ribbons or rope to make/built things
  • small speakers
  • I-pads to READ
  • a VERY large canvas beach bag
  • mosquito spray 


  • and a scented candle or incense for mommy…


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